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CP Tire carries a variety of popular tire brands to fit your vehicle and meet your budget. In addition to tires, we offer a wide range of performance and accessory products for your car or truck. Other services include wheel alignments, oil changes, rust protection, and the replacement of brakes, front and rear suspensions, and exhaust systems.

Our customers are people who demand quality products at competitive prices, and expect to be treated with respect and appreciated for their patronage. CP Tire has been meeting this need from the beginning.

CP Tire is the local dealer for Canada's #1 rust protection company, Krown. When you bring your vehicle to CP Tire, our trained technicians treat your vehicle with Krown's industry leading, solvent free, petroleum based, self-healing rust inhibitor and lubricant.

Developed for harsh climates and heavy wear and tear, the Krown product provides exceptional protection and lubrication. The Krown product is also environmentally friendly, containing no solvents or toxins. Krown is applied to your vehicle with a special tool that mists the product, allowing it to reach every seam and crevice of the inner panels and under side.

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